Adult Classes – No pressure. Just Fun!

We are thrilled to be able to offer two classes per week that are specifically designed for adults, who quite simply want a little bit of “me time” and to build up fitness in a fun environment with no pressure.

PSD Yoga

A mindful Hatha and Vinyasa style class working on your strength and flexibility, physically and mentally. Learning to flow with the breath whilst focusing on correct alignment and safety with asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathing) exercises. Practicing self love and kindness as we build a strong & flexible body and mind. 

PSD BalletBarreFit

A ballet class that blends the ballet basics with pilates techniques that ensure you walk out feeling like you have had a great workout!

Classes times:

PSD Yoga Mondays 7.30-8.30pm (PSD POD)

PSDBalletBarreFit Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm (PSD POD)


1 casual class                                           $25 

4 class pack                                              $86 ($22 per class)

10 class pack                                            $180 ($18 per class)

20 class pack                                             $320 ($16 per class)


If your child is enrolled with us and you would prefer to take advantage of family discounts and simply add your enrolment to your current monthly direct debit simply contact our friendly admin team on 5986 6948 or

What To Bring To Adult Classes

No uniform is required, the most imporat thing is to wear something you are comfortable in and allows you to move freely.

Suggested attire includes:

– leggings, shorts or tracksuit pants,

– singlet or tee shirt,

– socks and runners

– Yoga mat & towel

Adult students are also more than welcome to purchase official PSD uniform items eg. leotards, tights, skirts, ballet shoes, tap shoes etc.

These can be ordered/purchased at PSD HQ reception or Capezio Dancewear, please refer to our website for more details:

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“Dance is a big part of me being happy”

Emily, 14, dance student