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 Peninsula School of dance

Transformative Dance Education

Our vision is not just to produce exceptional dancers but to empower resilient, creative, and empathetic individuals who carry the enriching and transformative experiences of dance into all aspects of their lives.

Peninsula School of Dance is a dynamic and inclusive dance community where every individual is empowered to reach their full potential. We cultivate excellence, foster leadership, and instil lifelong skills in a nurturing and supportive environment. Our commitment to fun, inclusion, community, excellence, and leadership forms the foundation of a vibrant and inspiring dance family.

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Melanie Gard

Message from our Director

“As the Director of Peninsula School of Dance, I am deeply invested in nurturing a dance community that goes beyond producing exceptional dancers. Dance, for us, is a powerful tool that builds resilience, creativity, and empathy in our young people. I take pride in the nurturing culture at PSD, where every child, regardless of challenges or struggles, can find their ‘happy place’ in dance.

Our commitment to our core values, and creating an environment that empowers the next generation of dancers, performing artists and dance educators is a testament to our dedication to excellence, inclusivity, community, and leadership. Join us in this journey, where dance is not just a series of steps but a transformative experience that shapes confident, resilient, and creative individuals. Welcome to our dance family!”

Academy dancers

ages 6+

Peninsula School of Dance provides outstanding performing arts education in dance, musical theatre and acrobatics.

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Petite Dancers

ages 2-6

Our toddler and pre-school classes nurture and inspire our littlest dancers.