Last week I had the pleasure of presenting my business story at Bloom Network. Bloom is a local business network for women. It is full to the brim with talented, driven & inspiring female business entrepreneurs. It was such an honour to be able to share my story with them.

As I prepared the presentation I took the opportunity to step back and reflect on the development of PSD under my Directorship. It’s not very often that I pause and take a moment to just reflect, but when I listed down where we have come from and what we are doing now, I couldn’t help but smile and feel incredibly proud.

Let’s see what the next 8 years bring!

For more information on Bloom Network head to their website

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A celebration of a boutique dance school’s family friendly community. Miss Melanie shares her passion, skill and knowledge in nurturing young dancers as they express themselves through the joy of dance. Offering tips, how-to’s, a dance teachers reflections and connections with the on-line dance community. Peninsula School of Dance is located on Australia’s Mornington Peninsula.

Melanie Gard is a respected Licentiate with Cecchetti Ballet, an affiliate of the Australian Teachers of Dance and the Director of the Peninsula School of Dance.