PSD Car Parking Code of Conduct

In recent months PSD has come under pressure from various sources to control inappropriate conduct in our car parking facilities.

We have spent some time undertaking audits and speaking with our fellow property owners in the Body Corporate in the interest of respectfully considering traffic management and car park safety.


At all times we have considered:

  • The needs of our dance community, our Industrial Estate neighbouring businesses and local authorities to manage the traffic our school generates
  • Concern from staff and families about the problems caused by excessive speed, and the increase in obstructive and dangerous parking

Sadly, the behaviour of some has compromised student and staff safety, and our good standing on our community as a respectful, well-regarded business. We know that families are often rushing, juggling work commitments and sibling events but this is no excuse to speed upon exiting and entering the facility, abuse others or not obey road safety rules. In response to alarming behaviours, PSD is committed to tackling these challenges by adopting a Car Parking Code of Conduct. This approach is critical to ensure we have a respectful flow of traffic alongside our local businesses, and that car-parking activities guarantee the safety of our children.


We ask all PSD families adhere to:

  • Please be respectful of others, our children are watching how we deal with momentary challenges with patience and consideration
  • Slow down! For the safety of our children. There are many young children coming in and out of the building.
  • The car park is a shared car park with other tenants using it as well, please be mindful and respectful of this. Our fellow property owners have as much right to be using the car park as we do so, we ask you to please be courteous and respectful at all times. At times our neighbours require access to their facilities for trucks due to the nature of their businesses. This is not frequent and we kindly ask that you oblige by moving your car if requested to do so.
  • Foul language in the car park is unnecessary and will not be tolerated. Please refer to our PSD Code of Conduct if you are unclear about our expectations.
  • Do not under any circumstances enter or park in the car parking bays across the road. This is not our property and the owners of those buildings have specifically requested those bays be used only by their staff.
  • Do not park in the middle of the road waiting for your child to come out from class. This obstructs other people needing to park and turn their cars around.
  • There is plenty of street parking and the Bunnings carpark is a short walk away.
  • There is plenty of street parking on Merino Street, Thamer Street and Bunnings. Please make use of this.
  • Failure to adhere to our Car parking Code of Conduct may result in the withdrawal of your student from PSD or the issue of a Parking Charge Notice by local authorities:

These requests must be observed when parking in and around PSD. There is plenty of space in surrounding areas for us to all access with ease and safety. Unlike other dance studios in more built up locations beyond the Southern Peninsula, we are fortunate here to have a number of nearby parking options. The safety if our students, children and staff is of paramount importance, and we respectfully ask you to communicate our Car parking Code of Conduct to any other parties who may be dropping off or collecting your child.

Melanie Gard

Director & Principal | PSD


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Emily, 14, dance student