Our acrobatics classes help develop flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control and concentration.

This class equips the active, tumbling kid who goes crazy on the trampoline or looks to you-tube for their latest moves, with body management guidance and correct techniques to reassure the nervous parent.

Our students love mastering handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, tumbling and other athletic skills in a reassuring, safe environment.

 Our teaching staff are certified with the internationally respected Acrobactic Arts organisation. Based on Ballet, and with a tick of approval from Cirque de Solei, the Acrobatic Arts curriculum has a strong focus on technique, progression, strength, balance and flexibility, and embraces same age-appropriate, encouraging, fun based, teaching methods that we use at PSD. Exams are optional and designed to build up the confidence and experience of the dancer.

For more information on Acrobatic Arts please head to the website:

“I love Acro because I’ve achieved a lot, I like being able to do a back walk over. Acrobatics makes me feel like I can do anything!”

– Alexa, 9 yo, Acro Student

What To Bring To Acrobatics Classes

Our acrobatic students are asked to wear black cotton lycra leotard (camisole style preferred or V-neck is acceptable), black bikes shorts, leggings or biketards and bare feet.

Please refer to our guidelines

“Dance is a big part of me being happy”

Emily, 14, dance student