Classical ballet encourages muscle development, flexibility, good posture, balance, discipline and strength.

Classical ballet is the foundation of many dance genres. For students who choose the ballet path, they often become the most versatile and technically proficient.

We always tell our students that ballet is like the alphabet of dance – you need to learn your letters before you can learn to read and write. Peninsula School of Dance uses the Cecchetti Syllabus to teach our classical ballet program

The Cecchetti syllabus is an internationally recognised system of training which gradually builds sound ballet technique while encouraging a love of music and dance. The syllabus is designed to suit the young beginner right through to the pre-professional and professional dancer.

“It’s your starting point, it comes in handy for other styles and helps with my strength”

– Katie, 12 yo, ballet student

Primary Ballet classes

These classes are specially designed for the young dancer (generally 6-8 years of age and in Grade 1 at school) and share the beginnings of sound ballet technique with interesting and stimulating exercises.

Grade 1 – Advanced Ballet classes

Many of our senior students with core ballet skills show great versatility and adaptability across dance genres. These classes help them advance their ballet skills. Class placement is at the discretion of the Principal.

Foundation Ballet Classes

Ballet is a great foundation for the well-rounded dancer. This class is designed for students beginning ballet at a later age with the aim to eventually move into the Cecchetti graded system.

What To Bring To Ballet Classes

Our ballet students are asked to wear a cotton lycra leotard (camisole style preferred or V-neck is acceptable) with matching georgette wrap skirt, pink tights and ballet shoes for the girls and white fitted T-shirt, black bike shorts, white socks and white ballet shoes for the boys.

Each level has varying coloured uniforms and ballet shoes linked to assessment.

Please refer to our guidelines

“Dance is a big part of me being happy”

Emily, 14, dance student