Circus skills combines the fun of tumbling, tissu (silks), lyra (hoop) and partner balance lifts, unicyclying, juggling and the use of many Circus props.

These classes are 45 minutes and are strictly capped in size due to the higher teaching ratios required for spotting and instruction.

The fee structure for these classes is higher to reflect the higher staff ratios required.

It is highly recommended that students in this class also take a Stretch/Strength class or Acro class to assist with skill development, core strength and flexibility.

What To Bring To Circus Classes

Our circus students are asked to wear black cotton lycra leotard (camisole style preferred or V-neck is acceptable), black bikes shorts, leggings or biketards and bare feet.

Please refer to our guidelines

“Dance is a big part of me being happy”

Emily, 14, dance student