Our contemporary dance classes share dance techniques and methods found in ballet, modern dance and post-modern dance.

Contemporary dance is a free-flowing style of dance, with students learning compositional and improvisational techniques. Our teachers deliver a system of training which helps develop dancers expressively and technically, and focus on comprehensive work in warm-up, stretch work, articulation of limbs, turns, travelling and leaps.

We use Australian Teachers of Dance syllabus and our students must be of at least Grade 2 ballet level, be enrolled in one other PSD class, or have a significant amount of relevant dance experience.

“I do contemporary dancing to feel more confident in my dancing.”

– Madi, 10 yo, contemporary student

What To Bring To Contemporary Classes

Our contemporary dance students are asked to wear black cotton lycra leotard (camisole style preferred or V-neck is acceptable.) Black bike or jazz pants, pink transition tights and bare feet or foot thongs are optional.

Each level has varying coloured uniforms and ballet shoes linked to assessment.

Please refer to our guidelines

“Dance is a big part of me being happy”

Emily, 14, dance student