Our jazz program gives students the chance to leap, turn, kick and feel the beat.

Jazz improves strength, stamina balance and flexibility for young dancers. Through a variety of movements from the latest funk and hip hop moves through to rock n’ roll and routines from favourite musicals. Our teachers help students learn body awareness and encourage them to feel confident in their movement and themselves. Peninsula School of Dance uses the Australian Teachers of Dance Syllabus to teach our jazz program.

We also have a Jazz & Tap Class for our younger students-  which is a fun and energetic class introducing basic jazz & tap technique.

“I just felt like smiling all the time when I’m dancing”

– Pixie, 7 yo, jazz student

What To Bring To Jazz Classes

Our Jazz students are asked to wear black cotton lycra leotard (camisole style preferred or V-neck is acceptable). Black bike or jazz pants, tan tights and tan jazz shoes. Black jazz shoes are acceptable for Gold students, but we ask that tan shoes are worn by all levels during performances.

Each level has varying coloured uniforms and dancing shoes linked to assessment.

Please refer to our guidelines

“Dance is a big part of me being happy”

Emily, 14, dance student