Annual Membership Fee

$30 per student

Non-refundable once only annual payment. This amount is added to the Term 1 invoice or upon full enrolment.


Fees are calculated based on the number of hours per week multiplied by the number of weeks in the term.

Note term 4 is calculated based on additional rehearsal time and includes the dress rehearsal. PSD does not run classes on public holidays and fees are reduced accordingly. Our fees policies and regulations can be viewed online at

Click here to view our fees policies and regulations – CLICK HERE


Family discounts are applicable as follows:

$30.00 off per term for 2 in family

$40.00 off per term for 3 in family

$50.00 off per term for 4 in family

Hours Per Week Hourly Rate Fee Per Week
30 minutes 16
45 minutes 18
1 hour 19 19
1.5hrs 28
2hrs 16 32
3hrs 14 42
4hrs 12 48
5hrs 11 55
6hrs 10 60
7hrs 9 63
8hrs (cap) 8.50 68

“PSD is where kids get to shine through dance and develop wonderful lasting friendships. There’s no place like it and for my daughter, it has definitely made her more confident.”

F.Tuchtan (4YO Danceplay)

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