It’s no secret that our Petite Dancers program is just delightful.

Developed by an experienced educator in dance, our Petite Dance program truly honours young children and each stage of their development.

When young dancers join our school they will be welcomed into a space that’s friendly, warm and professional. Our skilled and qualified teaching team genuinely care about the experience for each and every little dancer.

Our Petite Dancers program is packed full of fun activities that build a strong foundation for dance. They also learn skills that assist with school readiness such as listening, taking turns, body awareness, spatial awareness, musicality and much more.  READ MORE

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Petite Ballet

We love welcoming young dancers into our studio – their innate rhythm, ability to feel the music and be naturally expressive is something to be treasured and nurtured.

Our Petite Ballet program is a delightful class which incorporates early ballet technique communicated through storytelling, mime, improvisation & play.

Petite Ballet 1:  3 – 4 years
Petite Ballet 2:  4 – 5 years
Petite Ballet 3:  5 – 6 years

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Petite Beats

When you have a child who loves to dance, you just want to celebrate their joy and expression. As parents we know that you’re also looking for ways to help them grow their skills as they grow up. Starting them out with some energetic dance basics is the perfect place to start.

Our Petite Beats program is a fun and energetic 45 minute class introducing basic jazz & tap technique.

For children 4 – 6 years

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Petite Hop

Busy, active kids who love to move make great hip hop dancers. We’d love to be a part of helping their feet feel the beat and their bodies bust a move in a fun, safe and nurturing space.

Our Petite Hop program teaches our young students the hip hop basics. Our energetic teachers are big on sharing appropriate moves for little bodies, while enjoying age-appropriate hip hop music that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. This 45-minute program is guaranteed to delight the most active & busy dancer!

Petite Hop 1:  3 – 5 years
Petite Hop 2:  5 – 6 years 

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Petite Acro

If your child loves to tumble and roll, our Petite Acro class will help them along in a  safe and encouraging way.  This 45-minute class is a supportive environment for active, energetic kids to develop flexibility, balance and strength. It’s an inspiring introduction to acrobatics and tumbling under the guidance of trained staff. And, its loads of fun our active kids.

For children aged 4 – 6 years.

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Petite Stars

Petite Stars is a friendly introduction to the world of dance. Through interactive play, storytelling, games & mime children learn a variety of skills that make the transition into our other Petite Dance classes smooth sailing.

Our caring teachers will enchant and inspire your child with a variety of dance styles and specially selected age-appropriate music during this 60-minute class. Playtime at the beginning and end of the class form an important opportunity for children to develop their gross motor skills and allow for the development of social connections among students and their parents. Complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits are also provided.

We ask parent and carers to remain with their child in class, so that you can enjoy the experience together and assist your child. While we understand the challenges of juggling more than one child, we do ask that if you have an older or younger child that you arrange to be taken care of by a family member. That way your little dancer will benefit most from the experience with you!

For children 3 years and under

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Petite Storytime Yoga

Children derive enormous benefits from storytime yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Each week students will be guided through an interactive story full of yoga poses followed by fun yoga games.  Our classes are designed for ages 3 and up, with engaging stories based around familiar preschool themes that change each month.

Petite Storytime Yoga 1/2:  3 – 5 years

Petite Performers

Petite Performers is an exciting new class on the PSD timetable for 2018. Designed for the child who loves a little bit of everything, the performers class will incorporate dance elements, with a focus on the basic foundations of Ballet, Jazz and Tap, as well as a music section, with singing and percussion instruments. A little flare will be added to your child’s experience with some drama, and imagination skill building. The content is age appropriate and the focus on learning through fun, and building confidence.

Petite Performers 2:  4 – 5 years

Rhythm Works

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance (RWID) is a clinically based hip hop dance program that utilizes sensory processing, kinesiology, and behavioural analysis as a foundation to build customizable classes for students.

It is an inclusive class that focuses on skill development, self-empowerment, and celebrating our differences.

Offered as individual and group classes, you can find RWID classes in dance studios, schools, and therapy clinics across the world. It can be particularly beneficial to people with a diagnosis of Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Sensory Processing issues.

Emerging research is showing that movement, music, and rhythm, when combined, light up the brain in ways that create new neuropathways. Dance is a powerful modality that offers an opportunity to build social, emotional, cognitive, and motor skills. Plus, it’s tons of fun!

For children 4 – 6 years

“Peninsula School of Dance is where kids get to shine through dance and develop wonderful lasting friendships. There’s no place like it and for my daughter it has definitely made her more confident”

– Fleur, mother of petite dancer student.

The program is designed exclusively by our Dance School Director Miss Melanie Gard

Miss Mel draws on her extensive experience with the education and disability sectors, and her practical understanding that can only come with being a mum of 3 active kids with their own unique personalities.

What also sets our Petite Dance programs apart is that we are committed to working with kids of all abilities. Our teaching staff are highly skilled and trained in working with children with different learning styles.

We value inclusion and compassion and our staff are committed to welcoming kids of all abilities and working in partnership with their families. Every child deserves to shine.

Petite Dancers is founded on the notion that kids learn best through play. We can’t wait to delight your child through dance.

Peninsula families love this dance program so much we are now in two great Mornington Peninsula locations – Rosebud and Tyabb.


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“We love playgroup … it’s a morning we look forward to each week. Miss Laura is fantastic with the kids, she always has a variety of activities set up and our favourite part of the session is the songs and dance at the end, which has a great vibe and is a lot of fun.”

– Lisa, Playgroup mum

What to bring

There is no need to invest in uniform before the first class, you’re more than welcome to bring your little dancer in anything they feel comfortable in, and runners and socks with grip are most suitable.

Once you’ve settled in all uniform items are available for purchase at our Rosebud studios or at Capezio Dancewear, Milgate Drive Mornington.  CLICK  HERE

Our petite dance students are asked to wear a pink princess cami leotard, pink cross-over, pink full circle georgette skirt, pink tights and ballet shoes with elastic for the girls.  Boys are asked to wear a white fitted t-shirt, black bike shorts, white socks and white ballet shoes (with white elastic).

We can’t wait to be a part of your child’s positive dance experiences


“PSD is where kids get to shine through dance and develop wonderful lasting friendships. There’s no place like it and for my daughter, it has definitely made her more confident.”

F.Tuchtan (4YO Danceplay)

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