The Peninsula School of Dance offers our students exciting opportunities to perform and enjoy dance.

The Annual Choreographic Competition is a tradition for over 30 years, and a highlight for many of our dancers and their families.

This is a not-for-profit dance event, with entry fees and admission donations contributing to hall hire and purchasing medals and trophies. The event is loads of family fun, a great experience for the children and a joy for the teachers to watch our students choreograph and plan their own dances. Year after year, we are constantly amazed by the performances our students put on. They entertain us, and each other.

Previous Peninsula School of Dance Choreographic winners

Our choreographic competition has celebrated the beginnings of many professional Australian performers and dancers:-

  • Jason Coleman (So You Think You Can Dance!)
  • Sandra Parker
  • Chloe Dallimore
  • along with the names of many of the parents and relatives of current students and teachers including Shelly Gadsby, Nicole Crean, Joanne Parker, Sharlene Romanoff, Kirsten McKay and Nicole Walker.

“I love the creativity and courage that our students display. When we welcome them back to the stage, our students bounce away with ribbons, critiques and maybe a medal or trophy. They also walk away with a great sense of pride and achievement.”

Melanie Gard, PSD Director