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Teacher Training Program

Our young assistants are the heart and soul of our studio. They embody the very essence of what we believe dance offers to young people. They are confident, kind, nurturing and inspiring young leaders within our studio environment. We are consistently complimented by parents, new to our studios, on how impressed they are by our assistants and what a difference they make to the experience for their children. 


Our young assistants register into a formalised Student Teacher Education Program  know as DanceStep

DanceStep is a four step program, and is designed for students from ten years of age onwards.

Each ‘step’ is designed to last approximately one year and covers subjects including,

  • Anatomy and Safe Dance Principles
  • Creating Warm Ups
  • Self-leadership and Leading others
  • Planning for performances
  • Behaviour Management
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Musicality

DanceStep provides students with an excellent foundation for further dance teacher training and study. All skills are transferrable into any workplace and provide students with excellent resume references.

The inclusion of leadership studies and self-awareness activities seeks to encourage students to take responsibility for themselves and empowers them to take care of others as leaders and role models.

Whether students are considering a career in dance teaching or otherwise, the DanceStep program is a great preparation for many aspects of life.

DanceStep students are also expected to assist in a practical lesson once per week within their home studio. This in class experience helps to consolidate the theory learning in a very effective way. It is recommended that students assist for 20 hours per level, with the minimum requirement being 10 hours per level.

More about our teacher training program

Peninsula School of Dance (PSD) provides an environment in which a love of dance is paramount. Some students may go on to pursue careers in dance and the performing arts, others will take their life skills learnt in dance classes into other careers, whilst others will continue the tradition of passing on the love of dance through becoming a teacher. PSD nurtures this very early on by encouraging interaction between its older more experienced students and its newest recruits to dance. Walk into a dance play class on a Saturday and you will always see older students demonstrating and helping our youngest dancers across the dance floor.

Our student teacher program has been developed to encourage those who have a genuine passion for dance, love working with young children and are committed to developing skills in the art of teaching. The program is open to students of PSD who are participating in at least 2 classes per week. It is highly recommended that ballet is one those classes.

The Program is divided into 5 Levels:


Level 1 – Student Assistants

Requirements: at least 10 years of age & participating in at least 2 hours per week of classes at PSD


Level 2 –Teacher Assistants

Requirements: At least 14 years of age & participating in at least 3 hours per week of classes at PSD


Level 3 – Junior Teacher

Requirements: Successfully completed Cecchetti Intermediate Ballet examination and be at least 17 years of age. Training can commence in the Certificate IV Dance Training & Management. For further information please visit the Cecchetti Ballet website www.cecchettiballet.org


Level 4 – Teacher

Requirements: You will have successfully completed your Cert IV in Dance Training & Management and/or have significant demonstrated experience/qualifications in relevant dance genres.


Level 5 – Senior Teacher

Requirements: You have significant experience & qualifications in relevant dance genres.