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VCE/VET dance

Peninsula School of Dance offers VCE/VET Units 1-4 for students in Year 10, 11 and 12.  Peninsula School of Dance has partnered with Dance Training Organisation (RTO 45789) to deliver the course.

For more information on Dance Training Organisation:

What is VCE/VET dance?

VCE VET Dance is a nationally recognized dance course. CUA2012 Certificate II in Dance with elements of CUA30120 Certificate III in Dance.

VCE VET Dance is a pre-vocational course, and will prepare you to audition for further   training as dancer, dance teacher or choreographer. The course allows you to gain knowledge on the dance industry, how it works, what is expected of you and possible pathways within dance.

The VCE VET Dance program is drawn from a national training package and offers a portable qualification which is recognised throughout Australia. This qualification provides students with a broad range of skills and knowledge to pursue a career or further training in the live performance industry.

Scored assessment is available for the Scored Units 3 and 4 sequence of the VCE VET Dance program


  • Channel your passion and purpose into your studies and enjoy your VCE!
  • Keep yourself fit and dance ready for future work in the industry
  • Study with like minded, passionate dancers
  • Achieve outstanding results doing something you love!

How is the course delivered and assessed?

VET dance students will be required to attend practical dance lessons in Jazz and Contemporary and one theoretical class per week. All course work and assessments will be conducted during these lessons.

It is expected that students will undertake further research, practice and study outside of these times.

There are no prerequisites for Units 1,2 and 3, but Unit 3 must be completed before undertaking Unit 4. Students studying Units 3 and 4 can undertake scored assessment and these scores can be put towards their final ATAR.

  • 2 solos (one in each dance style) contribute 50% to your ATAR score for VCE VET Dance
  • School assessed coursework contributes the other 50% of your ATAR score for VCE VET Dance

To find out more about how to enrol please email admin@peninsuladance.com.au