As the month progresses we will start learning our dancers for the concert and you are sure to feel the excitement in the studio as the date gets closer. At PSD we keep our concert experience light and fun for our little dancers. We want their first experience of the stage to be a magical one.

guidanceWe want your experience in the audience to be one of celebration of your super kids. The  concert is well supported by our caring teaching team, our teacher assistants and our senior students in our PSD teacher training program.

Why is the dress rehearsal so important?
Dress rehearsals are standard practice for any stage production. They really are one of the most important aspects of staging a production. They help to iron out any little wrinkles in staging and nerves in your little dancers. Technically, it is important to check sound,  music, lighting, props, costumes, running order, stage management cues and much more.

For our petite dancers the dress rehearsal forms the most important part of their  experience. PSD staff spend time with each group introducing them to the stage, the bright lights, the wings and all areas side-stage. The stage is big, the theatre is dark and unfamiliar, especially if it is their first time. This is why we want them there! It gives us the opportunity to go slowly, make it fun and a really special, magical experience. Many of our students treasure the fun behind the scenes as much as production itself.

How can you help.
To help your dancer prepare you may want to explain what will happen during the dress rehearsal and concert:

On the day you will sign your petite dancer in and a teacher or senior student will take them backstage. Helpers will help them get ready then walk them to the stage when it is their turn to perform. Afterwards their helpers will return with them to the dressing room until it is time to be collected.

In the lead up to the concert students will also have the opportunity to have professional photos taken. On this day it is expected that our Petite Dancers will arrive just as they would for the concert with their hair and makeup done.

We understand for many this may be the first time your child has worn makeup, and while the students often enjoy the experience it can be daunting for parents. Make up is an important part of the performance, just as their costume is.

Stage lights are very reflective. When they shine on a face without makeup it looks very pale and makes it hard to distinguish features. Applying makeup adds definition and ensures you can see the smile on your Petite Dancer’s face.

We encourage you to watch the videos Miss Mel has made that describe the process of applying make-up and the technique for a perfect ballet bun.