As we prepare to announce our casting results for Alice In Wonderland I thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on the important role that parents play in helping their child respond to audition results.

We all want our kid to be successful, right?

We want them to feel good about themselves, of course! There will be some kids very happy with the results and perhaps some that are disappointed they did not get the part they so desperately wanted.

How can we help our young people manage these emotions and learn from the experience?

Remember, here at PSD we are all about life-skills and lessons, not just teaching songs and dance steps!

Here are my top three tips to help your child respond to audition results:

1. Role Modelling

Remember that you are the role model for your child.  If you are disappointed, your child may feel that you are disappointed in them.  Instead a hug and smile explaining how proud you are of them getting in and having a go is a great boost to their self-esteem.

2. Reflection

We want our PSD kids to understand that auditions are an opportunity to practice their skills. It can really assist to talk with your child about the audition as a “learning experience.” Reinforce that you are really proud that they gave it a go and chat about what they learnt from the experience. You can discuss what happened, how they felt and if they felt unprepared for any part of the audition.  This will open up a way to have additional talks with your child about any future auditions.

3. Congratulating Others

Your responses to the casting models to your child how they should respond. In all aspects of our studio we ask our students to congratulate each other on successes. Gracious and supportive behavior is expected at all times. If your child is successful, of course celebrate! A gentle reminder to your child to be mindful that their friends may be disappointed, and to acknowledge this is also helpful.

All in all, we are working together to create a cohesive cast that will go on to put on a fabulous show!