Students strut their self-choreographed stuff!


2O1A5042Each year the Peninsula School of Dance Choreographic Competition is keenly anticipated by our students.

It’s a long held tradition at our school with our perpetual trophies dating back to the early 70s. Some of those trophies are older than me, much to the amusement of my students! These trophies list names of many dancers who have left the Rosebud Memorial Hall stage and stepped onto the world stage. Our students are always excited to see the names of successful dancers like Jason Coleman (world renowned dancer, choreographer and director) and Chloe Dallimore (her credits include a wide variety of productions from Crazy For You, Sweet Charity, Annie and The Producers) on our trophies. With many PSD students second generation dancers, their family members are also strongly featured. There’s a wonderful sense of connection and history, as we carry on the tradition and legacy inspired by Miss Sandra Allan, our school’s founder.

How does it all work?

2O1A4961 cropThe Peninsula School of Dance Choreographic Competition is in-house. It’s run across a few hours at our local community hall and all participating students bounce away with ribbons, critiques and maybe a medal or trophy. But more than that … they walk away with a great sense of pride and achievement. The PSD teachers along with parents, are always blown away with the creativity and courage that the students display. It really is an all-round great day.

This year the Peninsula School of Dance Choreographic Competition will be held on Saturday 30th May 2015 12pm at the Rosebud Memorial Hall.

Don’t sweat it parents!

Now every year I see the excitement from our students. It’s lovely. However, often in the lead up I also see concerned parents. They are concerned that they may not able to assist their young dancer with the right kind of support, or understand how to help.

I recently developed a workshop to address some of those concerns and encourage some of those students who were not sure about participating to get in and have a go.

The Workshop aimed to:-

  • Provide students with strategies and tools that can be used in the construction of a dance
  • Encourage students to explore a range of choreographic styles
  • Promote PSD annual choreographic comp and encourage entries
  • Facilitate interaction amongst junior, intermediate & senior students

2O1A5089Here’s what some of our students had to say about the day:

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It really helped me to learn how to choreograph a routine properly”. (Skyla 9)

”Milli liked making up her dance and dancing in Meisha’s dance. She also liked watching the other dancers”. (Milli 6)

”The Choreographic Workshop was really helpful for me and my friends with our dances. We were also having a lot of fun with some great teamwork. It was awesome, I love dancing!” (Tess 9)


My 8 top tips on how to choreograph a dance:-


1. What is your starting point … your inspiration?


















2. How to transfer it into movement:











3. Be yourself.

Be the best that YOU can be and forget about anyone else. We each have our own unique gifts and talents, focus on yours and do not spend time worrying about anyone else.


4. Practice.

Repetition is the key! Practicing over and over helps your muscles remember what to do so that you can focus on the performance values and convey the feeling of the dance, rather than just trying to remember the next step.


5. Work within your range.

Incorporate steps and movements that are within in your capacity. Perform the things that you feel comfortable doing and can do well.


6. Repeat phrases

2O1A4997Don’t be afraid to repeat phrases or movements. You can embellish them in other ways by changing arms, patterns or floor positions etc.


7. Enjoy

Remember if you are not enjoying it the audience won’t either! Whatever you do let your love of dance shine through.


8. Be proud of what you have achieved.

It’s a big deal, an impressive thing, choreographing your own dance for an audience. Even the most successful dancers in the world started out practicing in their bedrooms and loungerooms. Each time they performed they got better, they had fun, and they now treasure the memories. I know you will too. Good luck!


Click here to lodge your entry into the Peninsula School of Dance Choreographic Competition will be held on Saturday 30th May 2015 12pm at the Rosebud Memorial Hall. You can also download and print this years entry form by clicking on this link: Choreo Comp Entry Form 2015