What a year!! It has been enormous on so many levels. It goes without saying that we could not have achieved our move into our new studio without the incredible support of many wonderful people. In particular, my husband Robbie who worked day and night for months on end to make sure every fine detail of our studio was covered. We joke that we lived through an experience like The Block, only we did it with our three children in tow!! Whilst it was an exhausting process we are already reaping the benefits. We are incredibly proud to see our dream of a studio become a reality. To now see our staff, students & families enjoying the space and creating a real home for our school has been an absolute joy.

Many wonderful people supported the process, of course all staff and students contributed in shape or form but I would like to make particular mention of Matt Colson, Craig Gard, Ian Ruckwood, Meaghan & Nigel Church, Scott Hemingway, Kyle Bradley, Kerry Bradley and Robyn Bradley. From electrical wiring, welding, drilling, digging, painting, cleaning these individuals contributed countless hours of support which we are so grateful for.

We started the year joyously celebrating the marriage of two of our teachers. Miss Carla married Matt Colson in January and Miss Jane married Heath Penrose in April. We wish these lovely couples lots of love, health and happiness.

In March we received the devastating news that one of our long time students, the beautiful Maddie Todd, lost her brave battle with cancer. We were honoured to be able to remember Maddie at our mid year concert and donated all proceeds from our family party ($657) to Maddie’s Wish – supporting research into rare forms of cancer. We will always remember Maddie’s incredible grace, dignity and her loving nature.

Peninsula School of Dance will always remember Maddie’s grace, dignity and beautiful smile.

Our new studios received a great workout throughout the year with lots of wonderful activities like our annual Scholarship Day, Winter School and Cecchetti ballet exams. We also returned to our old home the Memorial Hall for our Annual Choreographic Competition and Mid-year Performance. All of these events were well attended and the teaching staff are always incredibly proud of the way our students perform, support each other and display genuine respect and diligence in all these activities.

In October our PSD was a major sponsor of the inaugural MPKids Expo at Morning Star. Whilst the Melbourne weather was not kind to us I have never been more proud of our beautiful students. They were so resilient and performed beautifully. Feedback was incredible, I had many comments from members of the community who were so impressed not only with our performances but also the conduct and pilot, respectful attitude of our students. What a credit to their parents and to our school!


Throughout the year we have had close to 300 students through our doors and across our dance floor. It is an enormous task keeping the school ticking over and is not possible without the support of many wonderful people. From our talented and dedicated teachers Carla Colson, Sandra Allan, Robbie Gard,   PrueSlingsby, Jane Steel, Jasmine Gregory through to the wonderful students who come in an assist in classes. I am incredibly proud of the role they play in the school each and everyone of them brings a positive and willing attitude and set a fine example for the younger students.

We also have to thank the wonderful families who support their children to access all the PSD has to offer. As a mum of three I certainly appreciate the coordination and organisation required to make it all happen! A special note of thanks to the incredible Sharlene Harvey, Meaghan Church, Claire LaFontaine-Harvey and Jacqui Armstrong who are always ready and so happy to help from the smallest to the biggest job.

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