In my last post I shared 5 tips on how my dance school orchestrated a move from the rented space at the back of a community hall, to our own dedicated Dance Studio in a warehouse in a business service area of the peninsula.

Once Mr Bank Manager had given us the nod for a move from a small community dance hall to a Warehouse space, our dance card was full with lists and deadlines. It sure wasn’t easy, and it was a lot of hard work.

But now that we have hung up the Dancing sign here’s part 2 of my top 10 tips for to go about moving office and dance studio space.

1. Leave the old premises as you would like to find it as a new tenant
Sure, now that all out gear was out, it was an empty shell. But for many years it had been our space, our reflection of our businesses. And, for any new tenants who came after us, we wanted to leave the message that this was a well loved and well respected place to have existed in. We also felt it was good karma!

2. Have a client / customer list and communication plan at the read

We had a trusted database of clients and previous customers. Being a dance school we also planned our move to coincide with the start of the new school year and had given clients this message.

When our timelines were thrown our slightly we were able to get in touch with them all promptly to tell them we were still in the old location. And our social media strategy, the word of mouth helped too. We also placed signs up at both locations.

3. Embrace your inner tradie, and if you can’t, hire one

I’m a dance school Director…I never thought I’d be up with plumbing lingo! But there you go…you learn something new every day! I now know more about a shut-off valve and a flow control   valves then I ever thought possible.

You may think your bubby or your friends hubby can do it all. Possibly they can. After-all everyone can wield a paintbrush. But rest assured there will be teething problems. And rather than go about things in a slap dash way to save money, go about it the right way in the first instance, hire a professional and save you heart ache and headaches later.

4. Be gracious and generous in acknowledging professional help….

Aside from my amazing workhorse of a husband who literally worked day and night to complete the project, I am ever-grateful to some skilled and generous other businesses. Some of them were associates, parents of students and just wonderful local tradies who donated time, expertise & tools. Since their assistance I have been systematically thanking them in my newsletter and on my social media platforms, in an effort to recognise the wonderful professional community who surrounds us on the peninsula

5. Get to know the new neighbours

We moved smack bang into the middle of a Business Services Area and Industrial Estate…surrounded by boat makers, hardware centres, and a lot of blokes in overalls. They may have to mind their Ps and Q’s. They may take a while to get used to a flurry of cars at a certain time each day swing by for pick up and drop off. They may not like pink! We’ve spend some time having chats tour new neighbours, and learning the ropes as the ‘new kids on the block’ so to speak. We’ve also time listening to their needs and concerns so that our business can co-exist alongside theirs in harmony.

When we come up for air we’ll invite them over for a business catch up cuppa. But we’re not quite sure they’d be up for a concert performance just yet!

6. When you are moved in make sure you celebrate

Ok you’re all moved in and the list of what to do next is still growing. From fixtures in place to upgrading equipment. In our instance we’ve still have to tile a bathroom, design and build a   costume store room, and there’s an additional specialised tarquett dancers floor to raise funds for and install. But putting up the Open for Business sign is an opportunity for past and new clients ,and your staff and support team to celebrate.

A wonderful benefit of the process of involving our staff has been the fostering of a real sense of ownership and pride in the space, and today mystaff continue to invest time and energy into improving it. We became unified team though this intensive relocation and planning process.

We lacked some energy to throw a big party as our move coincided with the start of our business year, but we have celebrated in our own small way through pizzas and laughter over paintbrushes. And I continue to foster opportunities for my staff to grow as teachers and dancers at development conferences and workshops.

7. A new premises and a spacious future

A few months on the Peninsula School of Dance has spent time announcing the move in social media and kid-friendly networks to put our new location on the radar of new clients.

As for the rest, well it will come, and in the meantime we let the music and dance see us through.

PSD is a dynamic little dance studio and peninsula business with successful community and business connections. Learn more about us at

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Melanie Gard is a respected Licentiate with Cecchetti Ballet, an affiliate of the Australian Teachers of Dance and the Director of the Peninsula School of Dance.